Saab Color Code

Saab cars are known for their unique and stylish designs, and the color options available for Saab models are no exception. Saab offered a range of colors throughout the years, with each color having its own unique code. Here is a comprehensive list of all Saab color codes:

List of the Saab Color Code

Code       Saab Body-Color
153 Cirrus White
170 Black
213 Rodonite Red
214 Cherry Red
215 Ultranavy
219 Talladega Red
220 Iridium Blue
223 Odoardo Grey
226 Berryl Green
228 Platana Grey
232 Derby Grey
233 Carrara White
234 Nocturne Blue
240 Imola Red
241 Aubergine
242 Roby Red
247 Silver (metallic)
252 Sky Blue
253 Java Black
254 Willow Green
256 Cayenne Red (mica metallic)
257 Midnight Blue (mica metallic)
258 Amethyst Violet (mica metallic)
261 Green Silver (mica metallic)
262 Golden Sand
263 Copper Bronce (mica metallic)
264 Cosmic Blue (mica metallic)
268 Silver (water based metallic)
270 Lightning Blue (mica metallic)
273 Sun Green (mica metallic)
276 Morello Red (mica metallic)
278 Laser Red
279 Steel Grey (metallic)
283 Polarwhite
284 Merlot Red (metallic)
286 Hazelnut (metallic)
287 Delphin Grey
288 Grafit Green (metallic)
289 Expresso Black (metallic)
290 Nocturne Blue (metallic)
291 Glacier Blue (metallic)
292 Lime Yellow (metallic)
293 Parchment Silver (metallic)
294 Chili Red (metallic)
295 Smoke Beige (metallic)
298 Jet Black (metallic)
300 Coalescence Blue (metallic)
301 Arbour Green (metallic)
303 Titan Grey (metallic)
304 Ice Blue (metallic)
305 Electric Blue (metallic)
306 Arctic White (metallic)
307 Pepper Green (metallic)
308 Solid Saffran Yellow
309 Snow Silver (metallic)

These are all the Saab color codes that were used throughout the years. It’s important to note that some of these colors may not have been available for all Saab models or years. Additionally, the availability of certain colors may have varied depending on the location and market.

Knowing the Saab color code of your car can be useful in many ways. If you need to repaint a specific area of your car, having the exact color code can ensure that the new paint matches the original color perfectly. The color code can also be helpful when ordering replacement parts or accessories for your Saab.