Model designations for ford passenger cars

Ford is a well-known American automaker that has been producing passenger cars for over a century. Over the years, Ford has introduced a wide range of models, each with its own unique features and designations. In this table , we’ll take a closer look at the different model designations for Ford passenger cars.

Type code Fiesta 1996:ABE-Number:
JBS=Saloon 3-doorlike GFJ
JAS=Saloon 5-doorlike GFJ
Type code Fiesta 2002ABE-Number:
JH1=Saloon 5-door 
JC3=Estate, 3-door Transporter 
JD3=Estate, 3-door 
Type code Fiesta July 2008ABE-Number:
JA8=Saloon 3-doorB299
JA8=Saloon 5-doorB299
JR8=Saloon 3-door TransporterB299
WPJJ=Saloon 5-doorB299
GAJG=Saloon 3-doorB299
GAJJ=Saloon 5-doorB299
GAJR=Saloon 3-door TransporterB299
Type code Fiesta 2013ABE-Number:
GAKC=Saloon 3-doorB299 MCA
GAKD=Saloon 5-doorB299 MCA
GAKR=Saloon 3-door TransporterB299 MCA
Type code KA:ABE-Number:
RBT=Saloon 3-door 
Typen code KA September 2008:ABE-Number:
RU8=Saloon 3-doorB420
Type code KA 2009:ABE-Number:
LTRU=Saloon 3-doorB420
Type code Mondeo:ABE-Number:
GBP=Saloon 4/5-door (only for Germany)G274
BFP=Saloon 4-door (Saloon)like GBP
BAP=Saloon 5-door (Hatchback)like GBP
GBP4=Saloon 4/5-door  with AWD (only for Germany) 
BFP4=Saloon 4-door with AWDlike GBP4
BAP4=Saloon 5-door with AWDlike GBP4
BNP4=Estate with AWDG387
Type code Mondeo 2001:ABE-Number:
B4Y=Saloon 4-door 
B5Y=Saloon 5-door 
BWY=Mondeo Turnier 
Type code Mondeo 2007:ABE-Number:
BA7=Saloon 4-doorCD345
BA7=Saloon 5-doorCD345
BA7=Turnier/Estate 4-doorCD345
GBBD=Saloon 4-doorCD345
GBBE=Saloon 5-doorCD345
GBBG=Turnier/Estate 4-doorCD345
Type code Mondeo 2015:ABE-Number:
WPCD=Saloon 4-doorCD391
WPCE=Saloon 5-doorCD391
WPCF=Turnier/Estate 4-doorCD391
WPCH=Turnier/Estate TransporterCD391
Type code Mondeo Hybrid 2015:ABE-Number:
WPCH=All modelsCD391
Type code Scorpio:ABE-Number:
GAE=Saloon 5-doorD691, D691/1
GAE4=Saloon 5-door with AWDD932
GFK=Saloon 4-doorlike GAE, GGE
GFE4=Saloon 4-door with AWDlike GAE4, GGE4
GGE=Saloon 4/5-door and Estate (only for Germany)D691/2
GGE4=Saloon 4/5-door and Estate with AWD (only for Germany)D932/1
GGR=Saloon 4-door or 4-door Estate (Turnier) 
GFR=Saloon 4-door 
GNR=Estate, 4-door
Type code Focus: 
Type code Focus (12/2007-):ABE-Number:
DA3=Saloon 3/5-door with 2 side windowsC307
DB3=Saloon 4-doorC307
DB3=Saloon 4-door (Saloon) and ConvertibleS389
Type code Focus (2011-):ABE-Number:
DYB=Saloon 4 and Hatchback 4/5-doorsC346
GCBM=Saloon 4-doorC346
GCBK=Saloon 5-doorC346
Type code Focus (2015-):ABE-Number:
GCC4=Saloon 4-doorC346 MCA
GCC5=Saloon 5-doorC346 MCA
GCC6=EstateC346 MCA
Type code Focus BEV (2015-):ABE-Number:
GCCE=All modelsC346 MCA
Type code Fusion:ABE-Number:
JU2=Estate, 4-doorB226
Type code Puma: 
EC=for all models 
Type code Cougar: 
Type code Explorer: 
Type code Windstar: 
Type code S-Max:ABE-Number:
GBWS=5-door MPVCD340
Type code S-Max 2015:ABE-Number:
WPCJ=5-door MPVCD539E
Type code S-Max:ABE-Number:
Type code C-Max 2010:ABE-Number:
DXA=5-doors MAV M1C334
DXA=5-doors MAV N1C334
Type code C-Max 2011:ABE-Number:
WPBJ=5-doors UAVC334
WPBH=5-doors MAV / GrandC334
GCBJ=5-doors UAVC334
GCBH=5-doors MAV / GrandC334
Type code C-Max 2015:ABE-Number:
GCCV=5-doors UAVC344 MCA
GCCW=5-doors MAV / GrandC344 MCA
Type code B-Max:ABE-Number:
JK8=5-doors MAV GrandB232
JN8=5-doors UAV CompactB232
Type code Galaxy:ABE-Number:
WGR=5-door (until MY 2005) 
WA6=5-door (from MY 2006)CD340
GBWM=5-door MPV (from MY 2006)CD340
Type code Galaxy 2015:ABE-Number:
WPCK=5-door MPVCD390
Type code Kuga (until 2013):ABE-Number:
Type description Kuga (from 2013):ABE-Number:
Type code Ecosport (from 2014):ABE-Number:
Type code Maverick: 
UNS +  UDS (new = 1EZ) 
IN2=Maverick until MY 2005 
Type code Ranger:ABE-Number:
2AW=Single and double cab 
MJ2=Single and double cabP375
Type code Mustang 
Type code Transit Courier:ABE-Number:
TAC=Transporter MPVB460
Type code Transit 2006:ABE-Number:
BDF=Transporter MPVV347/V348
TTF=Transporter MPVV347/V348
Type code Transit 2014 / Custom:ABE-Number:
TTG=Transporter MPVV362/V363
Type code Connect:ABE-Number:
TTP=Transporter MPVV227
ERP=Transporter MPVV227
Type code Connect (2014):ABE-Number:
WPG=Transporter MPVV408

Ford has a wide range of passenger cars that are designed to meet the needs of different types of drivers. Each model has its own unique features and designations, allowing drivers to choose a vehicle that fits their lifestyle and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a subcompact car, a mid-size sedan, a sports car, or an all-electric SUV, Ford has a model that’s right for you. When considering a Ford passenger car, it’s important to research the different trims and options available to ensure that you select the vehicle that meets your needs and budget.