How to Read a Lincoln Window Sticker

Read a Lincoln Window Sticker

The window sticker is one of the holy grails of car marketing, but how do you read and understand one of these? This article will provide straight and understandable answers to the subject: how to read a Lincoln window sticker. 

The window sticker, which now contains most of the important information contained in a build sheet brings to light one of the most sought-after information in any auto sales room. 

The window sticker is also known as the price label or the Monroney sticker, named after the US senator from Oklahoma who sponsored the  Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958. 

The Lincoln window sticker like other car window stickers contains some essential details that every buyer would like to know about. Dealerships that utilize this window sticker are usually considered to be law-abiding because they are conforming to the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958.

How to read a Lincoln Window Sticker

Let us consider the characteristics of a  Lincoln window sticker and understand how we can read meaning into the parameters featured therein.

Read a Lincoln Window Sticker

Vehicle Description Lincoln

Vehicle Description Lincoln

This section of the window sticker gives an overview of the vehicle, it spells out the year, makes, and model of the car, and the Vehicle Identification Number amongst others.

The Fuel Economy and Environment Section Lincoln

This section of the Lincoln windows sticker provides information about the vehicle’s fuel economy rating, Miles per Gallon consumed for both the city and the highway.

It also provides insights into the amount of money the car owner might likely save per annul and the estimated annual fuel cost. 

The Fuel Economy and Environment Section Lincoln

Lincoln Standard Equipment Section

Lincoln Standard Equipment Section

This section of the window sticker provides Insight into the exterior features, interior features, mechanical and safety/security/options features. These specifications are quite detailed and invaluable.

The MSRP section Lincoln

This section displays in bold the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, this helps the buyer to evaluate their budget and see if the car suits their needs.

Total Package Section

This section gives the summary of the price for the vehicle, the price mentioned here includes other additional costs such as shipping, etc. 

Safety Rating

This section provides insights on the safety ratings of any Lincoln product as the government agencies responsible for this rating see fit. 

Safety Rating Lincoln

Why Get A Lincoln Window Sticker

The Lincoln Window sticker is a great tool and it is ideal for the following group of people:

The Lincoln car owners

  • A means of confirming vehicle options during car shows
  • Serves as reference material for future use.
  • Gives insights into MRSP and the cost of the vehicle. 

The Lincoln car shoppers

  • Window stickers help car buyers easily find spec information
  • Features the capacity information of the vehicle
  • Technical specifications help determine if the vehicle has the desired specifications.

Lincoln car dealers

  • Provide much-needed information to a buyer, enabling dealers to sell even faster
  • Law-abiding dealerships always use window stickers
  • Dealerships using window stickers are considered transparent and trustworthy

Conclusively, you can get window stickers for Lincoln and other auto manufacturers, leverage the window sticker tool provided by Cariffy, and gain more insights with respect to the vehicle’s interior and exterior features, colors, standard operating equipment, MRSP, and lots more.