How can you know anything about toyota vin

Toyota vin  vehicles can be identified from the following numbers:

LocationVehicle identification number– stamped on the vehicle– on the type plate– on different parts with adhesive labels (only new models)Engine Number– on the engine block

Toyota vin identification number:

 Location of the toyota vin

Yaris (from 2006),
RAV4 (Type A2, Mod.2001),
RAV4 new (from 2006),
Avensis (from model 2001),
Aygo, Auris IQ, Verso, Urban Cruiser:
In front of the front passenger’s seat (on the underbody crossmember beneath a plastic flap or beneath a carpet flap)
Toyota vin
Land Cruiser
FJ Cruiser:
In the front right wheel housing
Toyota vin
Hilux (from 2006):
Alternative 1
In the wheel case, at the front right side in front of the axle
Toyota vin
Alternative 2
In the wheel case, at the rear right side of the frame
(e.g. Plant South Africa)
Toyota vin
In the front passenger’s door entry
(behind a plastic cover)

Appearance of the stamped toyota vin

The VIN in all Toyota vehicles exported to Europe has 17 characters. For vehicles exported to Arab or Asian countries the VIN normally has 12 characters. This “short form” VIN is composed of the model code and the 7-digit serial number.

Toyota vin lookup to model year 2000, the 12-digit VIN was also punched in vehicles destined for the North American market, while the visible toyota vin lookup and the type plate (referred to as “Federal Safety Certification Label“ in the U.S.A. and as “Compliance Label“ in Canada) comprised the complete VIN. Since model year 2001, the 17-digit VIN has also been punched in vehicles destined for the North American market.

An example of a 12-character VIN:

The numbers are generally stamped on.

As a rule, the toyota vin  (Identification Number) is stamped in a straight line, with equal spaces between each character. The characters are all 8 mm high and 6 mm wide. The distance between the individual letters or numbers should be 8.3mm, measured from the central point of each. The european VIN has a wavy line at both ends.

Figures and letter forms:


N.B.: WMI: NMT (manufacturing plant in Turkey, see Auris, Verso), different typography of VIN

Images showing examples of stamped VINs:

Toyota Corolla vin number (old)
Land Cruiser
LandCruiser 100
LandCruiser V8 (from 2008)
RAV 4 (from 2006)
Yaris (from 2006)
Toyota Corolla vin number
Corolla Verso
Camry (Production in Russia)
FJ Cruiser

Toyota vin breakdown

 Toyota vin check.  on the Toyota old version

Breakdown of the VIN for Toyota from MY 2000


Pursuant to the regulations in the relevant countries some models of Toyota vehicles have a visible VIN. This is above the dashboard, behind the front windshield at the bottom left. The shape and form of this visible VIN (the material of the data carrier and the way the number is applied) can vary according to model, year of manufacture and works.

New type of visible VIN with Toyota written on a riveted metal platelet.

(The toyota vin lookup  can only be identified with difficulty)

Example FJ Cruiser

Mounting of the metal platelet with the visible toyota vin lookup in the vehicle
(Example Camry Production in Russia)

Body shell with mounting fixture for the visible toyota vin decoder  on the bottom left of the windscreen frame.
The metal platelet is mounted with rivets
after the body has been painted.
The metal platelet is riveted before the windscreen is installed.

US-Labels („Component parts marking labels“)

In toyota vin decoder destined for the U.S.A., 14 vehicle parts (12 parts in 2/3-door vehicles) have to be provided with the complete VIN, height of characters: at least 2.4 mm, since 1987 according to U.S. regulations.

For Toyota vin number  are used to adhesive-labels, except the VIN also the stroke Toyota have printed.


These adhesive labels are mandatory (provided that no freeing exists) on the following vehicle parts:
 1. Engine
2. Transmission
3. – 6. all wings
7. Bonnet
8. – 11. all doors
12. – 13. Front and rear bumpers
14. Boot cover or rear hatch


Toyota vin number of Landcruiser
FJ Cruiser
Example Fender in front on the right
LandCruiser V8 (Type J20, from 2008)
Example Tailgate lower edge

Toyota type plate:

Location of the toyota type plate

The (metal) toyota type plate on older vehicles is normally riveted on to the engine compartment bulkhead. The type plate on newer models is made of adhesive foil and is normally stuck on to the left B-pillar. There are exceptions to the rule in both cases.

Example: Engine compartment bulkhead
Example: On the left B-spar below
Example: Top of the left B-pillar
Exception: the right side wall of the engine compartment (e.g. Avensis, Corolla Verso, Yaris -2005)
Exception: the right C-pillar (Aygo 4-door)
Exception: the right B-pillar  of toyota vin number check (Aygo 3-door)
Hilux Double cab: On the right C-pillar

• HiAce:
In front of toyota vin number check or under the front passenger’s seat (until 2006, afterwards on con B spar)

• Previa (MY 2001), Lexus RX300: On the left side wall of the engine compartment

• Hilux (from 2006):
on the left front inner wing

Form and appearance of the factory plate of toyota vin number check 

 Metal plates

Metal plates were used on all earlier models and are still used on some current models.


Toyota vin search  Hiace 4-door van
Toyota vin search  Land Cruiser
Toyyota Corolla Verso 2,2 D CAT
Toyota LandCruiser-type sign for non-European market (declarations of weight be absent)
Tooyota Hilux type plate from work South Africa
Toyoota Hilux type plate from work Thailand

Sticker plates

Black sticker plates with white lettering have been used on some models (such as the Avensis, the Yaris from 2006, the new RAV4) from February 2002, whilst other models (such as the Yaris until 2005, the Corolla, the Corolla Verso) still have metal plates. The switch from one to the other occurs with the first major overhaul of the model concerned.
In vehicles made in Japan (recognizable by the VIN starting with “JT“) the weight data comprise a double-lasered “kg“, thus emphasized like bold type. Exception AYGO.

Vehicle made outside Japan
Vehicle made in Japan
Toyota RAV 4
Toyoota Yaris (from 2006)
Toyota Avensis (MY 1998-2002)
Layout and colour different
Toyota Auris (from 2007)
Hiace from MY 2007
Toyota vin number location Landcruiser
Camry MY 2009 Production in Russia
AYGO white type sticker with black writing
USA toyota Type plate (here: FJ Cruiser)
HIACE: Should there be no or no valid German certification number (often the case on HiAces), before a vehicle is delivered to Germany the importer will stick an additional silver-coloured film with the producer’s details and the ABE [Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis – general road circulation certificate] number onto the type plate.
LandCruiser-type plate for non-European market (declarations of weight be absent)
HILUX: In Hilux models made in South Africa, an additional sticker comprising details about the manufacturer and the general operating licence (German abbreviation: ABE) is attached to the original type plate. The lasered data shown in the picture (partly overlapping letters/numbers) are authentic!

Content of the type plate of toyota 

1st Line = Manifacturer
2nd Line = Approval check number
3rd Line = Vehicle vin number location 
4th Line =  Max gross weight
5th Line = Max gross weight, including towing weight
6th Line = Axle load front axle
7th Line = Axle load rear
8th Line = Model code
(internal model designation and version)
9th Line = C/TR/A/TM
and to the side on sticker plates C = Colour
TR = Interior equipment (Trim)
A = Axle ratio code (Axle)
TM = Gear type (Transmission)



Provided that a spare types sign becomes necessary, can do this about the general importer with the Toyota-European headquarters in Brussels are reordered. These spare types signs correspond optically to the original plates. Toyota chassis number , Because this order way is protracted, nevertheless, and cost-intensive, become Spare types signs of the traders often with free suppliers/ Sign producers ordered
(Remark: In Germany the type sign must not go compelling from Kfz manufacturers are delivered, merely the necessary registrations are prescribed legally.)

 Toyota engine number:

With a complete engine number, the general importer who imported the vehicle will have no problem in providing an identification. For vehicles exported into another country, the corresponding general importer will have to forward the request to Japan. In such cases it takes about 2 – 3 weeks to receive an answer. 

Location of the toyota  engine number

1KR engine (e.g. for the Aygo, Yaris, IQ):
On the front of the engine,
from above it can be seen in front of the engine covering on the engine itself
1ND Engine (e.g. for the Yaris):
At the front of the engine, easily legible from the front
1AZ-engine (e.g. for the Avensis):
On the front of the engine, on the right, near the manifold heat protection plate
2SZ-engine (e.g. for the Yaris from 2006):
On the front of the engine, to the side, on a protruding ledge
1AD-FTV (e.g. Auris) and 2AD-FTV – engine (e.g. for the Corolla): Seen from the front, on the right, at the bottom on the transistion to the gearbox
2KD-FTV (e.g. Hilux)
1AL- engine toyota options by vin
2AL Diesel engine (e.g. for the RAV4 from 2006):
On the front of the engine, on the right ledge, as seen from the front

4ZZ-FE and 3ZZ-FE engine (e.g. Corolla)

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