Vehicle registration certificate of Austria




Vehicle registration documents of Austrian



Explanations: 1 2 3 4 5

Point Explanations:
1 Date of issue
2 Date of first registration
4 Vehicle Identification Number
5 Engine Number



Micro lettering and protective pattern

UV Photograph of the inside pages and enlarged view

Watermark: „REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH“ – see image
Document number: One letter in plain printing and 8 numbers in letterpress printing
Reaction to UV light: The paper remains dark, blue grain becomes visible, fluorescent banners with the words ‘REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH’ – see image
Print quality:


Micro lettering outline on Page 1 – see images,
delicate protective pattern on the outer pages, the grain is visible without UV light, micro lettering lines on the outside edges of the inner pages, perforations on the upper edge of the document


When a vehicle is registered in Austria, the owner receives at the same time the vehicle registration document (known as the “Zulassungsbescheingung”) which consists of 2 unattached parts, not joined together in any way:

1. Zulassungsbescheinigung Part I
2. Zulassungsbescheinigung Part II

Both identically formatted registration documents are filled out identically by the vehicle licensing office. (In Austria this is mostly done through an insurance company). In this way exactly the same details are entered onto both forms. There is only one visible difference (see the following images):

Part I has an orange/bright red stripe on the outer side.
Part II has an grey/blue stripe on the outer side.
When conducting vehicle checks, only Part I with the orange/bright red stripe is valid. Part II has no relevance for a vehicle check, as the owner may still be in possession of this part even though the vehicle is no longer registered.