Vehicle registration certificate of Albania

Vehicle registration document of Albania – old version

Watermark: No
Document number: Not in letterpress printing, but stamped
Reaction to UV light: The paper shines brightly, no other UV light security features
Print quality: Very poor
N.B.: Because the document has no protections should be respected ordered with the examination above all to the cleanness of the seal of the exhibit authority.
The seals of Albanian authorities are very good in contrast to pressure quality of the documents.


Vehicle registration document (new version)


Document number in letterpress printing

UV Photograph

Micro lettering (red arrows)

Protective Pattern


Watermark: see image
Document number: on both the front and rear side, 7 red digits printed in letterpress
Reaction to UV light: Paper remains dark, yellow imprints – see image
Print quality: Microprinting, halftone background pattern – see images