6 VIN Facts You Didn’t Know

VIN Facts

While a VIN is similar to our fingerprints, it is a unique code assigned by the manufacturer that is used to protect the “identity” of the vehicle. Decoding VINs is no longer a challenge with credible sources like Cariffy. We agree that you have learned a lot about VIN on our blog, but there is still a lot of data that you may not know yet. We reveal 6 VIN facts you haven’t heard of in this blog.

Not All VIN Have 17 Digit Characters 

17-digit VINs have been used worldwide for more than 40 years. In 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) accepted the standardized VIN system with 17 digits and letters. Other countries have accepted ISO 3779 and 4030 standards, similar to those of the United States. Cars manufactured before 1981 have fewer symbols in their VIN. Normally, the number varied between 4 and 12. Vintage cars can only have an equivalent number of components and chassis that confirm their originality.

Not All Manufacturers Encode Trim Details To VIN

Several brands like Honda, Subaru, BMW, and Mercedes do include information about trim levels and options in their VINs. Still, most manufacturers don’t reveal the exact equipment a vehicle has. So, if you’re looking for VIN characteristics, you need to download a Window Sticker.

VIN Help Investigate Crimes

This is one of the known facts about the VIN. Databases such as NMVTIS collect information about theft according to insurance claims or police reports, and unique VINs make it easy to recover and search for theft. Manipulating or changing the VIN number is a criminal offense and can be prosecuted in most states.

VIN Standards Aren’t The Same

As we mentioned earlier, US standards are not the same as ISO 3779, 4030 accepted in Europe, the ninth symbol in the US standard is a check digit, while in the European Union it is part of the vehicle description section.

Each VIN Contains Information About The Country of Origin

You can find out where your vehicle was manufactured by decoding the first symbol or the eleventh symbol of the VIN. In addition, several countries, such as the U.S. The US and China require manufacturers to specify the assembly plant.

Ford Offers VIN Customization

For example, Chevrolet offers a VIN retrofit program that is available for your muscular corvette. Customers interested in specific digits can order any production number they want for 5,000 Dollars.