Manufacturer-Code MP 6 – 2005

MP6 Code – States 2005


Chrysler Voyager 6MP Jeep Grand Cherokee 6MP
State Code       State Code      
Austria 8AM Austria 8AM B
Belgium & Luxembourg 8AU Belgium & Luxembourg 8AU B
Bulgaria 8A5 Brunei 8A4 B
China 8BL Bulgaria 8A5 B
Cyprus 8BV Cyprus 8BV B
Denmark 8BX Denmark 8BX B
Estonia 8B6 Estonia 8B6 B
Finland 8CA Finland 8CA B
France 8CB France 8CB B
Germany 8CJ Slovakia 8CE
Greece 8CP Germany 8CJ
Hungary 8C Greece 8CP
Ireland 8C Hungary 8C3
Israel 8D Ireland 8C9
Italy 8D Israel 8DA
Malta & Gozo 8D Italy 8DB
Malta & Gozo 8D2 Malta & Gozo 8D2
Marocco 8EG Netherlands 8EM
Netherlands 8EM Norway 8EW
New Caledonia 8EN Poland 8E7
New Zealand 8EP Portugal 8E8
Norway 8EW Romania 8FB
Paraguay 8E2 Ukraine 8FC
Poland 8E7 South Africa 8FR
Portugal 8E8 Spain 8FS
Romania 8FB Sweden 8F6
Ukraine 8FC Switzerland 8F7
Singapore 8FM Turkey 8GH
Spain 8FS Slovenia 8GX
Sri Lanka 8FT Russia 8FE
Sweden 8F6 Latvia 8G2
Switzerland 8F7 Lithuania 8G3
French Polynesian 8F9 Kazakstan 8G6
Turkey 8GH Croatia 8G7
Uruguay 8GN Serbia & Montenegro 8HR
Slovenia 8GX Great Britain 8CN
Russia 8FE Czech Republic 8BW
Latvia 8G2
Lithuania 8G3
Kazakstan 8G6
Croatia 8G7
Serbia & Montenegro 8HR
Great Britain 8CN
Czech Republic 8BW
Barbados & Islands 8AT
South Africa 883


Remark: Nevertheless, this list can only as an additional examination beginning are felt, because the land list of model year to model year jeep Grand Cherokee and Voyager changes and, besides, for the products it is different.